Some research show that women want to feel connected or validated —by someone. If they felt like something was missing, they would turn to someone close to them to help them fill the “void.” So, for most of their lives, they seek relationships for validation. Women tend to use these connections to measure their sense of worth, and use others to determine their value. Of course, these are vast generalizations, but the point is – women want and need to relate to others, especially to their partners. Relationships are so vital to their existence, that when they become disconnected or disengaged –even within themselves—they are miserable and unhappy.

What makes it a challenge for those who love them is, women are complicated beings. And what makes them complicated is that in each relationship, women are like onions, and you must peel each layer to determine what exactly is making her unhappy.

Use these onion layers as guideposts of what women want in a relationship:

  1. Physical: good chemistry, strong mutual attraction
  2. Emotional: empathy, affection, support
  3. Intellectual: conversation, meaningful dialog
  4. Social: enjoyment, entertain
  5. Occupational: work-life balance
  6. Spiritual: sense of purpose, meaning beyond one’s self
  7. Environmental: safety, protection
  8. Financial: having sufficient resources to meet basic needs

These guideposts can help partners discover what women truly want.